Our equipment

For your projects, we offer a wide range of technical features adapted to your needs:


We have equipment to suit any budget, ranging from small Canon Eos 5D still/video cameras to all types of DV and Full HD cameras, and all the way up to the Red cameras that offer the best image quality currently available width RED cameras.

- Red Epic - 5K resolution
- Red Scarlet - 4K resolution
- Red Pro Prime lens set (18 mm - 300 mm)
- Canon EOS-5D Mark III (X1), Mark II (X2), and 7D Full HD.
- Canon and Leica R lenses
- GFM-Quad Dolly (Grip Factory Munich)
- Sprinter Dolly
- GearNex geared head
- Arri, O'Connor and SATCHLER camera accessories


- 2 kw open-ended quartz lights
- 800 w open-ended quartz lights
- Fresnel
- China Balls
- Kino Flo


We offer a sound recording equipment of choice to serve your audiovisual projects:

Recorders :
- Aaton Cantar X2
- Zoom H4n and Zoom H2n (X2)

Microphones :
- MK41 Schoeps microphones and MK40 stereo sound set
- Neumann and Sennheiser microphone set for studio and outdoor recording
- Perche Ambiant and Rode boom, Cinela suspensions, accessories, etc.


- Avid media composer
- Scratch 4K digital imaging and color grading workstation
- Scratch Lab workstation also including Avid MC.
- Avid Pro Tools HD 10 with D-Command
- Avid Pro Tools HD 10 portable with Command 8
- Complete Music Studio for the musical scores of your productions