Depuis 2013, Le Grand Souffle a développé sa pratique de l'art cinématographique en créant SUNRUN Films, une société de production de courts, longs métrages et documentaires et prestataire de post-production pour le cinéma.

Découvrez notre aventure de production indépendante ici :

When life disarms

When life disarms

April 2015

Shot on Red DRAGON 6K et Optimo Anamorphique ANGÉNIEUX

Pitch : This film pays tribute to Andy Warhol through the Factory's spirit he brought. Gathered in a same place on the spotlight, all the arts and performing arts are fielding a wide diversity of talent and profiles.
It stages and features the high-wire energy that artistic productions bring in this brownfield turned into a workshop.
These artists and creators of all stripes overlap and communicate all together : When difference unity is strength .
Between Dusk and Dawn

Between Dusk and Dawn

February 2015

Director, director of photography and editor : Aurélien Réal
DIT, Color grader and FX : Lucia Diris
Sound engineer and editor 5.1 : Pauline Lucas
Actors : Marie-Astrid Collette , Lana Macé, Didier Gallon, Jennifer Hassan, Alexandre Le Strat, Nicky Naudé,  Jean-claude Tisserand
Shot on Red DRAGON 6K et Optimo Anamorphique ANGÉNIEUX

Pitch : An indistinguishable's Western, where nobody knows who is coming neither where the danger comes from. Between dream and reality, between day and night, between good and evil: the improbable takes place.

Unexpected screening

December 2012

Short film

Shot on RED Epic and RED Scarlet, Canon 5D & 7D.
7'34 min.

Pitch : On the white screen of our memories, the screening of our life stories... Here, The members of the audience make the film with many threads.